Oshi no Sato


Oshi no Sato (Priest's Village)

Oshi no Sato (Priest's Village)
Mt. Oyama has been considered sacred since ancient times.
During the Edo period, worship at Mt. Oyama focused on Sekison Shrine (currently known as Oyama Afuri Shrine) at the mountain' s peak, and Oyama-dera Temple located along the slope. An `oshi ' was a priest responsible for guiding people who come to visit the mountain and teaching others about the Mt. Oyama faith.
Their homes also served as inns. The oshi of Minoge were supported by patrons throughout south Kanto and welcomed many worshippers, especially from the Inn and Suruga areas.
The Mt. Oyama oshi of Isehara, meanwhile, focused largely on guiding adherents from the Edo region. In 1986, the oshi settlement established in Minoge was selected as one of Kanagawa' s 100 most beautiful towns, although few of the buildings today retain their original character.
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